AcePayMe-EPS provide a simple timesheet in, invoice out, payment in, payment out solution and specialise in paying self-employed internationally mobile professionals who choose to be employed via/through an agency, and who work in a contract position overseas.

With over 50 years combined experience in financial services, AcePayMe-EPS work in partnership, with recruitment specialists, end-clients and contract personnel to provide an alternative to straight forward “on-payroll” employment.

Self-employment is acknowledged as a working status and, in most countries, is a legitimate method through which an individual can supply their professional services. However in order for an independent professional to be paid, most country's tax authorities require monies due for professional services rendered to be processed through a properly constituted and managed ‘limited’ company. Our solution provides this facility. We are able to invoice on behalf of and make payments to self-employed contractors in all major currencies and allow them to make arrangements to pay their statutory requirements in whichever jurisdiction they are tax resident regardless of the jurisdiction from which payment is received.

Our solution pays professionals gross (less our fee) and offers them control over their tax position, while increasing their net earnings, without compromising their working status.

Many companies are having to review full time employed staffing based on budget constraints and availability of the right people to do the job. We have worked successfully with many companies in a

whole range of different industries to reduce costs and improve productivity in the work place.

We continually listen to our clients, agencies and contractors alike. Time and again we are told they want a personal, prompt, professional service to take the hard work out of administering the mundane minefield of contracting. Unlike other companies ours is a “Keep it simple” service concentrating on what we do best - so that you the contractor can get on with what you do best!

There are no shareholder agreements, trusts or other structures involved in our solution, we are a “plain vanilla” invoicing service and do exactly what it says on the label.

How does our solution work?

  • You provide your services to your client or agency as a self-employed professional contractor.
  • You have a Sign-on Agreement with us.
  • We have a framework agreement for the supply of sub-contractors services with the client or agency
  • We invoice your agency/client on your behalf, and if required can provide you with a "self-billing" invoice.
  • On receipt of funds from your client/agency we deduct our fee and pay the balance to you when and where you want it, perhaps split or taking advantage of optional international MasterCard facility
  • You are responsible for paying your social insurance contributions.
  • You are responsible for declaring and paying your income tax liabilities
  • If you are a UK expat contractor we can offer third party expert assistance with your annual self-assessment tax return.

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