Are you an owner-led independent recruitment/employment agency that places freelance / self-employed / independent professionally qualified personnel on short term contracts working abroad?    

If the answer is YES then, and at no cost to you, we would be happy to work with you and your recruiters.

Would reducing your administration produce cost savings? 

We can help improve your work flow, be more efficient,  and hence improve your returns.

Have you teams of contractors to pay? Why make multiple outgoing payments when you could do just one.     

‘Quasi’ Self-billing :

  • Contractors send all timesheets to Agency,
  • Agency check & collate, (using an ACE schedule),
  • Agency then advises ACE how much to invoice, (email with schedule)
  • ACE email invoice back to Agency
  • Agency pay ACE (one bulk payment)
  • ACE distribute to the individual contractors

How would this ‘Quasi’ Self-billing proposal suit you?

It is not “rocket science”! It is all about efficiency.

And if our administration can also be reduced sufficiently, we can be flexible on fees.

An Agency that uses us, could include our (reduced) margin in their quotes and offers contractors ‘all fees inclusive rates’.

Do you want to be more efficient and enjoy a greater return for your efforts?

Contact us - we’ll talk your language, and help make you the agency of choice.

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